Friday, 18 June 2010

New contra game

Konami announced new Contra Hard Corps Uprising about 2 weeks ago.
This game gonna be on PSN and XboxLive, and the developer is the company behind Bladez Blue.
First I was really exciting, a new Fking Contra game, then I found out it is for PSN and XboxLive, my excitment drop to 0.
Come on Konami just make a real PS3 or Xbox360 Contra with next gen graphic already, stop teasing people with stupid small game with Contra.

here is the first stage.

Ruin grave update 14

Got all the vehicles textured, the next thing to texture are the small houses, and there are the last models left.
I decide to remove the big lif, just feel it doesn't fit for scenes now.

Oh, forgot to render the train and boat, well I will get them up next week.